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Wedding & Party DJ Ocala, FL

Inclusive Weddings...

Every bride deserves a wedding day that will be "Best Day Ever..."  KC Webb Entertainment combines all of the elements that a couple would want in a wedding experience. I combine my 20 plus years of performance experience with a engaging performance, event guidance, and romantic lighting to create the best day ever; all for one price. 


So what's included?  In a word, almost everything.  KC Webb Entertainment want to give our couples a glamorous experience at great price.  Our weddings are designed to be a personalized, trendsetting, wedding experience.

"Best Day Ever..." Features:

  • Full day wedding service (until midnight if needed)

  • Ceremony services with sound, music, instrument and microphones

  • Guided Wedding day quarterbacking with wedding day timeline.

  • Lighting is "all-in."  Couples can enjoy dance floor lighting, uplighting, lite texturing, and monograms at no additional costs.

  • Specialty 1st Dance experiences

  • Plus much more!!!

Every "Best Day Ever..." wedding package is a flat rate starting at $1095.  Rates may go up depending on the complexity of the couple's vision.  For instance, most simple designs cost with be covered by KC Webb Entertainment at a cost of business, however if the wedding requires the use of glass gobos or custom animations etc. the packages could vary.    


Request a quote, check availability, book your wedding

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