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Every Kiss begins with K an every marriage begins with KC Webb Entertainment - Ocala, FL

Great First Impressions

First impressions are everything.  It sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Now imagine the impression that is set when your guests who have travelled a great distance to hear you say "I do," can't hear what you're saying at all.  

Having a dedicated professional sound set-up is a must for today's contemporary wedding.  Without a sound set-up most officiants struggle to carry their voice past the first couple of rows.  If you have any competing noise from wind, nature, or traffic, most of your guest up close will struggle to hear.  Finally, our ceremony system act as a back-up in case something unforeseen should occur to our main gear while performing.

KC Webb Entertainment helps you create the perfect first impression at your ceremony.  We provide the music, speaker, wireless lapel mics, and any other sound needs so guests can experience your wedding the way you've envisioned it.  

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