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"How Much Do DJ's Cost"

As the leads come in for DJing weddings in Ocala, whether it be at The Hilton Ocala, Country Club of Ocala, or as far out as Doe Lake, the question I'm often asked first before anything else is "How much do you cost"? In this blog post, I want to give you 4 reasons why asking about cost should be the last thing couples consider.

1. Your wedding is unique and different, so let's talk about that!

As crazy as it may seem, most professionals will intentionally avoid talking about specific pricing for as long as possible until we understand what's unique about you or your wedding. Too many times, I'll get an email inquiry simply asking about my pricing or packaging without knowing anything about where the wedding is taking place, the needs of the show, or get this, the date of the show. If we give you what you want right away, experience tell us, that that's last time we're going to hear from you. That's not say, we are going to waste your time by not answering your question, but "How Much Do You Cost" is not a easy question to answer when we're missing crucial puzzle pieces.

The needs, typical budgets, and expectations of a Doe Lake bride vs. a Golden Ocala bride is going to vastly different from each other. Your DJ is going to be able to tailor a package that's going to work for both types of bride and even make suggestions that will improve your wedding experience.

2. I'm not offering a price, I'm packaging you an experience!

Have you ever gone on a vacation where your only intention is to arrive at the destination? Even if the purpose of the vacation is to enjoy a little R&R, chances are you've made some small upgrades to enjoy your stay a little more. It could be an ocean side view, upgraded flying accommodations, planning your hotel stay based whether or not the hotel has a pool, or even completely pampering yourself at a local spa.

Your wedding day experience is the same way. I hear it all the time, my couple says "we're looking to keep things simple." Many DJ's can offer an experience that matches your chilled and relaxed vibe that you may be seeking, but also offer you other practical amenities that could enhance the tone and ambience of your wedding. A great DJ service will be able to make the most complicated production look and feel seamless on your wedding day. Let us work for you, so you can relax.

Katlin & Michael Zin celebrating their 1st dance on a cloud at a Disney inspired Kissimmee FL Wedding

3. No accounting for style!

Most brides won't even ask their DJ about his or her performance style and experience. Often times, they're so relieved that they found a DJ that was available that they will book the date without asking many other critical questions. I'm blessed to be very well connected with the other DJ's in my Ocala wedding community so if I'm not available, I can help brides find another DJ who might be available and have established reputations.

Consider this though, I have a close friend who DJ's primarily in the club and bars. Knowing him well, he would not be a great fit for weddings, however he will take weddings, even though most of his music is geared to the club experience. If you're a close friend of his, you know what you're getting, but a couple who is price shopping may not know to ask questions about the DJ's style and experience. Be sure to ask a lot of questions!

4. Cheap Vs. Expensive

I think balance is everything in life. If you can find a great service at bargain or discounted a little bit, then you've struck gold. However, many people will tell you that they don't mind paying a little bit more for a "sure thing." It's up to you to know what to ask and to weigh the risks. Here are a few questions that may help influence your DJ service decision:

1. Are you insured?

2. Do you carry backup equipment?

3. Are you able to provide services for the reception, ceremony, and cocktail hour

4. Are you able to take outdoor events?

5. Do you have a backup plan for power outages?

6. Are you a single operator or a multi-operator?

7. How much experience do you have with weddings?

8. Can I see your wedding reviews?

9. What makes you unique?

10. What's your mic style like?

Treat your vendor selection process like a job interview. Take your time to find the DJ that matches your style and your personality at the right price for your budget. You may find a DJ company that are more inexpensive because they lack an a feature or two but fits your tight budget, companies that offer you more bang for your buck where you get more value for your dollar, or fall in love with a DJ service that's a "Sure Thing" service that you're willing to pay more for the assurance of a greattime. Regardless of the route you take, be armed with the best possible questions so you can bypass the "How Much Do You Cost," questions in order to make a better decision.

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