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Is traditional out of style?

It seem that every February wedding sites like The Knot and start dropping their "Trends of The Year" articles. These articles cover the latest trends in wedding colors, dress styles, party atmospheres, and dessert trends. The DJ world has largely gone by unscathed, but something this year caught my eye.

According to more Millennials are opting not to do a father/daughter or mother/son dance. This tradition, it goes on to say is down 9%, to 74% of couples still choosing to participate in this wedding tradition so who really knows if this decline should cause us to raise an eyebrow.

However, last year, data suggested that the bouquet and garter tosses are starting to be replaced with other modern traditions. This begs the question, has traditional gone out of style?

One can understand that some of these wedding traditions have faded with the times. Brides are foregoing veils nowadays and the bouquet and garter tosses are in my opinion just a little bit creepy. Also, please don't ask me who started the bouquet and garter reversal either. The reversal simply seems inappropriate in the #metoo era, but I digress. Other notable breaks from tradition have been gaining momentum over the past decade. More couples than ever are wedded outside the church, 61% of brides according to Weddingwire are using non-classical music to walk down the aisle, and mixed gendered wedding parties are gaining in popularity.

I think that many of the breaks in tradition are positive. Our weddings have been in need of a facelift for a while. However, It's my hope that when my daughter chooses a person to celebrate her life with, that she will save at least one dance with this dad who loves her more than she will ever know. Is it possible that we will see the traditions like dancing with our parents fall out of favor completely? Likely not, but these so-called trends for 2018 certainly caught my eye.

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