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Fun & Fashion with The Event Warehouse

This past Sunday I had the unique opportunity to perform for the 4th time for The Event Warehouse's Prom Fashion 2018. Those who know me well know that fashion shows are some of my favorite events. Pam Thompson, the owner of The Event Warehouse, is a great referral partner and friend if mine. Every year, I challenge myself to improve the show over the previous year's. This year the theme was "Glitz & Glam." They couldn't have picked a better theme if they tried. After scouring the Internet for inspiration, I decided I was going to challenge myself by programming and using moving head fixtures.

Moving heads would give me the flexibility to create both simple iconic runway looks and glamourous angles with beams of light. For the conservative fashion section, I stuck with the classic uplighting style of lighting using 4 mini movers up front, 2 minis in the pocket, and 2 flanking the runway in back. However, when we hit our finale, I used the movers up front create concert style angles for a more contemporary look.

These young women rocked the runway showcasing their beauty, brains, and of course some gorgeous dresses. The show ended with our models taking stage one last time, followed by a group dance off to "The Wobble". For more information about The Event Warehouse and Studio 45 Photography, please follow these links to support these local businesses.

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